Six Key Reasons You’ll Want to Work With a Real Estate Agent When Pricing Your Home

Whether you know a little bit about the market or you’ve sold a home before, you may be considering pricing your own home to avoid the assistance of a real estate agent. However, there are a number of benefits associated with consulting an agent when selling your home. Before making a final decision, consider the following tips.

They Know The Neighborhood
It’s great if you have familiarity with market prices, but knowing a neighborhood is key when it comes to determining price. The right agent will be able to help you arrive at a price that is good for your home and practical for the area you’re selling in.

Is The Market Hot?
The price may be right, but if the market has cooled off, you may have to make a compromise in order to sell it. Instead of trying to arrive at this on your own, an agent will be able to provide insights into the best strategy.

They’ve Sold In The Area
A local agent may have sold properties in your area recently and may be well aware of the price potential. With this added expertise, they can walk the line between your ideal price and what you can get.

Preparing A Plan B
An agent may agree to go with a higher selling pricing if you’re committed to it, but they will also help you make another plan if the price doesn’t work out. It’s disappointing to not get what you’re asking for, but it’s better to have a plan just in case.

Saving On Stress
It’s one thing to decide on the price of your home, but it’s quite another to deal with all the stress if it lingers on the market without an offer. If an agent assists you in determining your price, they’ll also be there to shoulder some of the stress.

When It Comes To Negotiating
The negotiation following a home offer is make-or-break for selling your home, so having an agent is a great benefit. While they won’t be able to make the decision for you, they can serve as a helpful guide in determining an appropriate counter offer.

Many homeowners want to embark on selling their home on their own, but a real estate agent can be very helpful in determining a purchase price and assisting with the negotiations. If you’re currently getting prepared to sell your home, contact one of our real estate professionals for more information.

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