An Overview Of A Buyer’s Agent

If you plan on purchasing a home in the near future, you have probably noticed that there are plenty of options available. The market changes quickly, the perfect house may come and go before you get a chance to see it, and you might have a hard time figuring out which house is right for you. A buyer’s agent can be helpful, but do you actually need to work with one? There are several important points to keep in mind.

A Buyer’s Agent Represents Your Interests
You should consider working with the buyer’s agent because they will represent your best interests. Their main goal is to help you go through houses that could be right for your needs, pointing out potential problems while highlighting specific features.

They will help you find a house that suits your requirements and your budget, helping you fulfill as many items on your wish list as possible. They will also draft offers on your behalf, help with the negotiation process, coordinate closings, and handle paperwork. They are important because they can prevent a real estate deal from falling through.

A Buyer’s Agent Is Not Necessarily Required
You are not legally required to hire a real estate agent or buyer’s agent to help you find the right house. At the same time, it is typically better for you to hire a real estate agent to help you with the process. A knowledgeable buyer’s agent is important for giving you a competitive advantage when you are bidding on a house.

They are even more helpful if there is a lot of demand for homes and not a lot of supply on the market. A real estate agent also understands how to fill out paperwork, and they can tap into their referral network to see if there are houses you might be interested in that are not yet on the market.

Who Pays For A Buyer’s Agent
You should also consider working with a buyer’s agent because you don’t necessarily have to pay them. The vast majority of buyer’s agents are paid on commission, and the commission comes from the sale price of the house. This means the seller will pay for your agent and the buyer’s agent. 

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